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Apr 23, 2004
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Here is my question. I am receiving Fox and NBC east/west feed through Directv after receiving a waiver a few years ago. What will happen once my market has local channels available this Summer? Will the national networks automatically be blacked out, or is the waiver valid through a period of the end of the year? Thanks in advance for any information!
I think it depends on whether you got the waiver yourself or whether D* got it for you.
If you have mailed in a waiver from your local stations, it should remain in effect, unless those stations specifically tell D&* to ignore their waivers.
If D* itself procured the waivers, I think they will expire when the local stations come online from D*.
It has nothing to do with whether your locals are available on DBS. It has to do with your ability to receive an acceptable signal OTA. IF you can you can't buy distants regardless of whether your locals are offered. IF you cannot they are available to you.
Yes, but remember about the new bill being discussed in Congress. Basically, there is a section that states a customer is "served" if locals on DBS are offered in his market, and that the customer would have 60 days to choose if s/he wants to keep distant networks, or continue with their local channels.

It is premature, but many around here will try to keep it up to date.
As I understand it, a signed waiver from your local station allows you to get anything D* offers from that network.
In addition, a network O&O waiver allows you boith east and west coast HD feeds.
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