New 301 software is Coooooool!

John Quaglino

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Sep 9, 2003
Some people who have gotten 184 have not looked deep enough at what is in it. Just got through playing with the 301 software upgrade. It has Superdish support, Wireless phone jack support, Full 48 hours guide cached in memory and Search - WOW! I didn't know that was coming. Thanks Dish!

Press the themes arrow and see what comes up. Pick search and enter the name of the program your looking for with the onscreen keyboard. :D :D :D :D
You know whats funny, I have seen people post at other places that some of the new features such as cached guide would never be on the 301.

Funny how short Never it, I would have expected to be longer. :)
Are all 301's going to get the 184 software or just those that have the 013 Reg ID of the 301 and not those that have the 010 Reg ID?
I be t they will spool the 184 to all the 301-013 and deal with any and all issues and calls before they start to spool the software for the the other 301s. At least thats what they usually do.
Here are the new features that are in version 1.84 (for the 301-013) and version 2.11 (for the 301-010) software:
  • Faster Guide Access - the 48 Hour EPG is now stored in flash ram.
  • EPG Search - you can access this feature either by themes or pressing the # key.
  • Improved "Point Dish" screen - the main screen shows just a transponder and signal strength. The check switch option will automatically show a "view". To check the switch, you need to select "Test" from this screen. Also, there is an option for "Optimal Angles". This is where you will now find the pointing information. SuperDish support is also included here, as well as all satellite locations.
  • You can now hide locked channels from the guide.
  • You can now lock the local map-down channels separately.
Can you tell me how you can tell its a 301-013 or a 301-010. this is the first i have heard about the new 184 and the different 301.
Maybe the rev 013 version is like a 3800 in which could be upgraded to a 3900 in a software upgrade where the rev 010 version is like a 3700 in which did not have enough memory to support the same software upgrade.
So where do you see that it is a 301-013? Is that a number on the card or some where in the system info? Or are all the 301's going to take this new 184 update and have a better guide?
On the back of the receiver you will see it in the upper right hand corner of a sticker that also shows the receiver number.
Just received new update!

However, instead of 1.84, my system upgraded from 1.83 to 2.00. :eek:

Has the superdish, search feature (needs keyboard, but the pick box is ok), and the guide is awesome without any pauses for satellite updates!

Love it! :D

So those that have Rev 010 301's (software P2.10) will not be getting the new software that gets the same features that those with Rev 013 (P2.00) has?