DISH Network First to Reach TV Industry Milestone: 1 Million

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I do not think this was posted yet.

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EchoStar Communications Corporation (Nasdaq:DISH) today announced that its DISH Network(TM), the fastest growing subscription television service, has reached another TV industry first by selling its 1 millionth digital video recorder (DVR). With this announcement, DISH Network has established the lead as the fastest growing and largest DVR provider in the nation.
This is a few months faster than DVR/PVR/ITV industry analysts predicted they would hit this milestone. They reported they had passed 500k in Apr, so in 6 months they have added another 500K. At the end of Q3, Tivo reported 793,000 total subscribers - 467,000 standalone and 326,000 with DirecTV. They are acquiring about 90,000 net new subscribers per Q - 34,000 with standalone boxes and 56,000 via DirecTV. So Tivo is probably at about 850,000 +/-.

Nearly 2 million satellite PVR users can't be wrong!

The Niemeyer Report can be found at:
And with Dish's new DVR promotions they should sell quite a few more. Dish Network might have 2-3 million DVR's by the end of next year at this rate.
The more the better from all providers. Massive amounts of active PVR users is the only thing that will keep them safe from entertainment industry lobbyist and ridiculous laws aimed at restricting or destroying the technology. 2 million users is great, 10-15 million would be FANTASTIC!
With there being 45 million downloaders of mp3's do you think that is going stop as a result? Perhaps not when new ways of going about file sharing come about in the future if what I heard was right, but in the form as it is now where it can be stopped.

Mass production would lower the hardware cost for all (unless Dish Network chose to use the increase in production a way to making an increased profit instead of lowering the price much).

A few Superdish questions

New 301 software is Coooooool!

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