new 512 dvr p.g. download problum (1 Viewer)

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Mar 12, 2010
north idaho
Hello all,
Aint it great when an upgrade from a perfectly functioning 510 box turns to purple rat s**t?
This new box was installed on lease a week ago and everything works except program guide download.
Sometimes i get up early and want to watch tv, just in time to watch the stb turn on & off, download the program guide, turn off & on, download repeatedly for an hour. This has happened in the afternoon also.
After downloading is complete and reacquires signal, and off it goes again. If i press stop on the download, i get 30 seconds of tv, then off it goes.
The dish network "tech solution" is unplugging for 15 seconds. Same thing.
If i do the unplugging/reacquire/ stop download/ a few times(usually) after an hour it will stay put.
Maybe i am a DA, but I am looking for an solution or override, or something that will allow the download to take 10 min. max.
Any insight would be much appreciated.
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