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I have the 510, and I'm hoping to jump on this 811 deal. I currently have cable to receive the locals (and for cable internet reasons). Is it possible to hook up the 811, use my existing cable, and then integrate an OTA antenna to receive the local HD broadcasts all on the 811? Boy is my head spinning. What do I do with the 510 now. I guess I should first check to see if I qualify for the 199 deal, as I had the 811 installed by Dish.


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Dish Depot is doing a trade up program with the 811.

"Trade In Credits Upon Return

6000 Receiver, Remote, Smart Card =$200, $250 with 8psk and 8vsb tuner included.
721 Receiver, Remote, Smart Card = $250.
501, 508 and 510DVRs Receiver, Remote and Smart Card = $100.
301, 4700 and 4900 Receiver, Remote and Smart Card = $25
Dish Depot will pay for the return of your trade in receiver by enclosing the UPS Return Label. Simply pack up your trade in receiver, remote and smart card and drop at your nearest UPS location. Credit will be given on the same credit card on which your order was placed within 3-5 days of return. Receiver and remote must be in good working condition and cleared from your account. NO PROGRAMMING COMMITMENTS REQUIRED!"


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Dec 2, 2003
I guess the trade in would be ok, but is there a way to hook everything up simultaneously? (this was my original post, hadn't logged in yet.)

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