New 921 FS: 1 DAY ONLY No waiting!

Are auctions allowed by forumm rules? Some sites are not cool with this. I must say I do not think this turning a profit on someone's desire for this unit is very cool at all.
Auctions are allowed, although the actual auctions should be held on Ebay to keep everything on the level, as there is no way of keeping track of bidders or the bids made.

Please only post auctions if they are hosted by an auction site such as Ebay.

OK, I didn't care for the nasty emails folks.

Thats what I get for giving up my wait for a 921??

I apologized once, but I am not gonna kiss any feet.

People are sending you nasty emails....for what? trying to make a profit....nothing wrong with's the american way (Boston is still part of the USA still, isn't it Freak??). You can't tell me that if you could make a few hundred bucks on something, you wouldn't do it. I sure as hell would.

Don't sweat it Mark.....i hope you sell it for $1,500.
I come to these forums to get help, discuss issues and repay the help I receive buy not ripping people off when I sell things. I just try to get a resonable return without a great lose so that someone else can get what they are looking for. I always offer my stuff at or below what I paid, never above. Ebay is where you go to make a profit. There I have made out a couple times but most times even there I just want a resonable amount based on my estimated depreciation. Here in the forums were are friends with common interestes that help each other, not take them for all they can. I did not send a nasty email. I made my comments public.
Go Mark Go...

Go Mark Go...

Looks like I just pushed BCW up a few bucks. :twisted:

BTW, there is another 921 auction that ends about 20 hours after yours does.

It's already at $1,200 and reserve price hasn't been met.

Good Luck!

Just to see how much interest there is in the item.
I tell ebay what my max is and thats it. If I waited for the 'last minute' I would bid too much.
eBay's proxy bidding works against buyers. Better to wait as Rolltide suggests. Research the bidding patterns on completed items & you'll see: Auctions with lots of bids all along end higher than those with bids nearest to the end.

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