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Oct 2, 2003
I have posted before a bit on this,...but I have a new issue...I bought a newly built house, that is "pre-wired" for satellite...Basically, this means there was 2 satellite RG6 runs from the exterior wall to a central box. From that central box, there is an RG6 and what I believe to be a RG59 cable running to every room in the house. I am using a dish 500 with legacy quad lnb.

My main problem is I want to run some new cable to my living room to a different outlet. I basically want to run 3 RG6 wires (2 for future dual tuner use like the pvr921, and 1 for OTA HD) The current outlet is in of course the worst place to have my big screen, and there's no easy way to run my cables along the wall as there is a fireplace in between, and visible wires is unacceptable for me. So I'm looking for anyone who has experience in running wires. I've made a trip or two into the attic, but can't really see an easy route to the location I want (plus its 2 story which makes things a bit more difficult)

Also, if there are any other good resources for how to achieve a solution to my problems? I would pull up carpet but that kills my warranty because its newly installed (Unless there are some tricks to running cable under the carpet with minimal need to pulling up carpet)

Any help would be much appreciated...thanks
I run cables for a living, and the rule of thumb is:

If you have a attic or unfinished basement your in luck

If your are running to an inside wall piece of cake, if its exterior, be prepared for headaches, but its still possible from an attic.

Without writing down every job I ever did there is no way to tell you how to do it, but if you give more detailed info about the room I will try to walk you through how I would do it.
Well Thank you very much for offering your help! I appreciate it...I will do my best to describe the actual setup...the home is actually a townhouse, so two stories...I am planning on running to an inside wall from my attic if possible.

From the attic, All the wiring comes into my master bedroom closet, and most of that wiring seems to come from the attic (at least all the essential ones for cable wiring) The Master Bedroom is located above the living room.

After poking around in the attic, I can only make educated guesses right now at the current cable runs and how they actually get to the Living Room. The main problem is all the insulation, ducting, etc that gets in the way.

I'm not sure if this is a good description, I can give you more if you need it...thanks again for your help!
Are you saying that you need to go from the attic throught the master into the living room on the first floor? All using inside walls?

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