New Channel In KC?

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  1. Hi guys, I went home for lunch today and one of my TV'S automatically loads new digital channels and today it had WDAF 4.4 as a live signal. I scanned it in all 3 of my TV's, it is there, but says no audio of video.

    Anyone else in the Kansas City area getting anything? Does anyone know if we are getting a new channel because of the repack? If so what channel do you think it would be?
  3. I'm not seeing it on my end (attachment below). The repack is only affecting three stations in our market, KSMO, KSHB and KMCI, and those stations will get to move to their own channel, so I don't think WDAF will have to share. I remember seeing someplace on this forum that some Fox stations were adding "Light TV," maybe they're testing for a January 1 launch. Who knows?

  4. I saw TBD, and am hoping that means to be determined, not the new sinclair offering.
  5. You saw TBD where?
  6. On the actual channel. 4.4 that my TV logged. I am sure the something is going on just don't know what or when.
  7. It's definitely not there now. Sounds like they're testing for a subchannel launch. Hope they don't reduce the bitrate of the main Fox channel more than they already have.
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