New Customer HD Sign-up Scheme, Would it Work?


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Sep 8, 2003
I have several people I've been "coaching" on getting into DBS HD. I've been telling them to hold off for Dish Network to show their cards. I think now may be the time for new HD subs to sign on.

This is how I see it happening:

Sign up now for a basic 1-2 receiver package for free. Commit to one years subscription. After having your account established (how long does this take?) order the 6000 for $199 and commit to the HD pack.

This would give an easy and inexpensive path to Dish HD for new subscribers. Would Dish allow this? You may be committing to two years of programming. I wouldn't be concerned about this as I am happy to sit where I am. (I've been with Dish for 6 years).

Thinking along the same lines, if I get the 6000 $199 promo, would that preclude me from taking advantage of any existing customer 811 promos (if) when they come down the line late in the year? I guess it boils down to getting any promotion and just extending your commitments for the promotions.

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