New DIRECTV Receiver Coming in August

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DIRECTV will be rolling out the H26K which is a new 4K Receiver, but unfortunately it is only for commercial use, not for home use.

H26K is the new Commercial only 4K ready single-tuner receiver available to all Commercial viewing segments.he H26K is always in Commercial mode and supports 4K viewing with compatible 4K TVs on applicable channels. H26K requires hardwired broadband connectivity and each connected H26K requires a USB DECA or Direct Ethernet connection. Installation scenarios include receiver at TV and stacked receiver installs.

Again this is not for residential use. But nice to see a new reciever out there finally.


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We need an HR26K lol! 2 tuner 4K DVR that is ABLE to be activated on HS17 accounts.
Hell let them support any additional received on a HS17 account. During testing on the HS17 no problem with HR44 or HR54 also active at the time.

But right now with the Nexstar dispute going on I'd be happy if they'd support my old AM21 that's up in the closet. My Tablo is filling the gap but it would be nice to have it all in one spot.
Seems pretty odd that they don't include DECA support and it has to be networked via ethernet (or external DECA). I get that commercial is more likely to use ethernet but internal DECA support couldn't possibly cost that much.
A lot of bars and sportsbooks use 3rd party TV remote/matrix apps including Crestron that use the DECA data from each receiver that tells you what channel it’s tuned to and what game is on
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Possibly... but remember like the CE is here (and was there) its not a Public Forum and is only avaiable to CE members.

This is our real first public look at it including screen sheets and instructions.

Now if they would make some new consumer 4K receivers it would be great. :D
single-tuner so no 4k bonding to happen?
DIRECTV seems to have given up on the concept of transponder bonding a while ago. The concept, as I understood it, was to get three 4K channels by bonding two transponders together. They are currently getting two 4K channels on a single transponder. And they are not hurting for available bandwidth. THe amount of 4K source material isn't skyrocketing, so they appear to be good as long as the satellites last. Getting rid of SD duplicates of HD local channels will make more bandwidth available.
Weird that it doesn't support DECA. DECA is problematic with 13 H26Ks supported per DSWM30 leg due to the losses when splitting 16 ways, but you can work around that by using two DECAs and one BSF per leg.

I suppose they saved a few bucks in licensing not supporting DECA directly in the receiver, but most places won't have a free cat5 available at each TV - if you run cat5 it is likely already plugged into the TV to turn it on/off etc. There are "splitters" that let you use a single cat5 wire for two 100 Mbps connections (two pairs each) that you could use, since you would never need anywhere near 100 Mbps anyway, but still.

Kind of an annoying and pointless omission.
which hasn't happened since October 2022!

And I don't see how getting rid of SD locals will help bandwidth. They'd have to get rid of quite a few of the 101 spotbeams to convert even one of those transponders to CONUS.

It doesn't look like there will ever be any real full time 4K channels, so they may never move 4K to reverse band let alone fill up all 36 reverse band transponders. We used to assume we'd at least have channels like ESPN or HBO, but the former is figuring out how they will move their linear offerings to streaming and the latter has already done so and is just waiting on linear to die to turn off the lights.
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