Why no undelete option?


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Sep 7, 2003
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I know it’s something that many moons ago people asked why we couldn’t have a undelete option on the DVR. I thought it might just be that as soon as we said delete the pointers to the file we’re delete and that was that.

But since they’ve added support in the Apple TV client I’ve seen that I’ve been able to play a recently recorded program. This is not the on demand version but what is on my HS17. So if the program is still out there why not add the functionality in the DVR UI?
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First of all the DIRECTV TiVos were not all that wonderful, they were certainly nowhere worth the love that people unreasonably still have for them. I had two three of them and I don't miss them a bit. Edit: I forgot I had the truly heinous THR22 TiVo. The less said about that box the better.



Something else to consider: HOW TO DO IT: Undelete on DIRECTV - The Solid Signal Blog
I still have my first generation SD Directv TIVO sitting in a box in storage. It has a lifetime subscription and has 20 hours of recording capability. They wouldn't allow me to transfer my subscription to a new one. It really was a bogus thing for them to do.