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Apr 18, 2004
I was installed this afternoon. Equipment consisted of 522 and 811. I'm a Voom subscriber, but my wife required her expanded SD programming and the DVR. I figured it would be nice to have HDNet and the HD PPV. The install was flawless and the service is excellent.

I'm reducing my Voom package to the standard "Voom" and taking the Dish Network premiums so we can utilize the DVR's features with those.

I can receive all of my digital OTA's with the 811, as with Voom.
Nice to receive all local OTA, I am only picking up the CBS feed right now........

My install guy last week had no clue on hooking up my PVR and HD receiver. He gets paid for doing this?

How did you hook up your receivers? Two seperate inputs or run out of one into the other for one feed to TV?
The 811 and TV1 on the 522 are connected to a Mitsubishi RP HDTV. The TV2 side of the 522 is going to a 32" Sony direct view set. Voom is on the Mitsu and a Samsung LCD.

The PQ on Dish appears to be better vs. DirecTV. Since the HD picture quality of Dish vs. voom is such a hot topic right now, I'll abstain from commenting.

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