New HD channels in testing

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Jan 24, 2006
I remember back in the day, when the HD race was on, these new additions would matter. Nowadays most of everything that matters is HD and these new channel launches are a bit of a yawner.

WatchESPN has been the most exciting thing in a long while.
DirecTV has a lot of catching up to do just with some simple basics.

The ones which spring to mind are those Comcast/NBCUniveral programmers—Esquire Network HD (which used to be Style Network HD), Oxygen HD, PBS Kids Sprout HD, and TV One HD—and many others. We are also overdue for those plus two from Discovery Communications—America's Heroes Channel HD (which used to be Military Channel HD) and Discovery Family HD (which used to be The Hub HD)—to join with the rest of what is already carried.

The "yawner" reaction can be in response to some of the programming that we had thought would have been added in HD—years ago—is coming in years late or, in the case of some, they are still not getting added in HD. (Someone mentioned, as one example, GSN HD.)


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Apr 3, 2005
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If history is any indication I don't think Charlie will ever write that check to the Yankees, and without YES they don't have much inspiration to be aggressive with the other NY RSNs.


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Dec 13, 2010
Still no GSN
I'm more hopeful then before
Since the On Demand (1233) is in testing status, we have to hope the HD channel launch may not be to far off... Maybe they put VOD up in test in anticipation of renewing the GSN contract very soon... just a guess. Or we may just end up getting VOD with content only in SD, I'm anticipating the opposite though. Either could happen. We also may get content in HD via VOD and the linear channel added in HD at a later time (this happened with several other channels).


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Jul 14, 2005
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I still haven't heard from anybody a MUST have channel that is not in HD.
True there are plenty of HD to be added yet, but most are not the Major channels.
Think about these channels people are wanting added, not one of them Everybody has clamored for.
Think about it in D* perspective, for example, add GSN, what I s that going to add for us, it's clearly not a channel that most will be viewing daily therefore outs not making them any more money.


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Sep 13, 2005
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yup. outdoor network, sportsman network, pac 12 network, world fishing network, universial sports, fox deportes and willow cricket to name a few!!


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Oct 26, 2010
yup. outdoor network, sportsman network, pac 12 network, world fishing network, universial sports, fox deportes and willow cricket to name a few!!
Directv does have Willow Cricket for $14.99/month. You need the international dish to get it though and I doubt it is HD. We need Fox Deportes, Pac 12, and Universal Sports in HD!
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