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Sep 7, 2008
That whole thing is a crock. It's a business idea fishing for studio support. The trouble is it isn't going to get any studio support.

"Better than Blu-ray" content also requires a lot more than a handful of DVDs and a needlessly complicated installation procedure on a Hewlett Packard PC. The big price premium being mentioned sure doesn't sound like it would be worth it at all.

The next step up above Blu-ray in terms of image quality is DCI-compliant 2K Digital Cinema. The movies are shipped to theaters on 300GB hard discs. They play in Motion JPEG2000 format at bit rates up to 250 million bits per second. Hollywood is very protective of D-Cinema "virtual prints." The movies have to be activated using complex security keys that do not ship with the print. The D-Cinema server and projector routinely "phones home" so studios and service providers can see how the content is being used. Even without all the anti-piracy measures, the equipment required to play JPEG2000 movies is very expensive -upwards of $200,000 for D-Cinema in just one projection booth.

For the next several years at the very minimum, Blu-ray will feature the best HD video quality anyone will be able to play in their homes.


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Jul 20, 2005
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Let's see: Costs more, holds less. And not a major studio on board. Yep- a lame attempt at publicity.

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