NEW HDTV channels!!! in my local area.


Medford Oregon
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Oct 17, 2003
Medford, Oregon
I live in medford oregon and here we have CBS ABC NBC FOX and PBS. CBS & PBS Are in High def. Charter cable told me today that they offer high def in my area now!! I have Dish and Voom. I dont want cable but they told me that i can get CBS ABC & NBC in Hi def now!! Also i can get FOX in Hi def in sept..I was just wondering how could this be that i can get the locals in high def and only two local's LOCALLY are in hi def???
They can carry the signal from the station. The station may not have the towers built yet or have operational permits to broadcast. The same thing happened in Portland with WB, they had all the gear in place but no microwave tower to get the signal up to the broadcast tower so we were hosed OTA until they could get it installed, but the cable guys were getting it in HD via CommieCast.

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