new honda crv7

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Don't know about the 2007 CRV; I have a 2006 CRV. While I generally like it, the darn vehicle is REALLY REALLY LOUD. Road noise galore. And when it climbs mountains, while the temp gauge does not rise, it smells like it is really working.

The pixs of the new version make it look more like a Toyota; with a less boxy look, but also the appearance of less cargo space.

Did I say the darn thing is LOUD? :D

Well, it is. Road test the new one.
I don't know about the CRV7. But if it's anything like my Honda Accord, you'll love it!
We've got a 2005 Honda Element. Love it.

It's a funky vehicle (you either love it's 'attitude'/'styling' or hate it, but we wanted real character), but the storage/flexibility are unparalleled from what I'd investigated. It's great for kids/pets, too...washout interior. All wheel drive, side air bags, MP3 integration and satellite radio standard. We tricked ours out w/ fog lamps and roof rack and side steps, plus carpet mats and leather steering wheel wrap. They've toned down the 2-tone panel look on the newer model years, but they're still cool. Consumer Reports pick in its class, great reliability and resale. Heck, any Honda is a good pick...owned my old Acura Integra (an '88) for 14 years until a friend bought it, and it's still going strong.

We looked at the CRV but were blown away by the flexibility and uniqueness of the Element. I think its based both are based on the same Civic platform (but that may have changed). Good cars both. My only complaint w/ the Element is that the suicide door layout can sometimes be a bit awkward, even though its great for side-loading and looks sweet.

But did I mention we love's been great for multi-purpose, incl. camping, hauling goods, tailgating, etc. Plus, while some say it's ride is stiff, w/ the big arm rest accessory it's quite a long-haul dream imho...
The 2007 CRV is not based on the civic; I remember them telling me about it when we bought last summer; but can't remember what anymore.
We almost bought an Element, but the actual cargo carrying ability is limited. Don't overload it. Other than that, it's a great vehicle.
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