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Apr 4, 2023
Left Dish 2 years ago for YouTube tv, however, the price increase, absence of mlb network, and constant pixelation have steered me on the verge of a Hopper install tomorrow. A couple of questions before I sign my life away to DISH:
1. Are there any channel disputes I should be aware of or upcoming disputes?
2. My local Fox is under dispute so I know I need an OTA adapter. Is that pretty easy to install and does it bring in all of the channels I pick up to all Joeys on my system?
3. I am getting a Hopper 3/Hopper Plus with 3 tvs total installed, what Joeys typically come standard these days? (I will be all wired)
Thanks for any help.
The OTA adapter just plugs into a USB port. Once plugged in, it will prompt you to scan the channels. Many of the channels found will have guide information and many will not. I don’t recall what determines it. I think they have guide information if your local package includes that channel. I could be wrong. Someone will correct me if I am. The channels you’re able to pull in will be based on where you have your antenna.

As far as channel disputes, currently there is a dispute in Topeka with their ABC affiliate. It is owned by Vaughan and operated by Nexstar. So there could be more disputes related to that group. Not sure.

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What's semi strange is I can watch ABC programming(next day I believe) on the ABC app on my Roku even though my ABC is one of the affected ones. Obviously does not work for live sports .On the other hand ESPN usually carries an ABC sporting event of major significance.
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1.) you can check here for any channel disputes affecting your area:

2.) the Ota adapter plugs right in and yes you can view the channels on all receivers. However you will be limited to two seperate Ota channels at a time. For example two rooms can watch ABC and another watch fox. That uses both tuners. However if the third room wants to watch CBS at the same time it will prompt you that both Ota tuners are in use and give you options. Also you can record ota channels.

3.) you would be getting joey4s
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