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Sep 11, 2023
WHY do I feel my upgrade to the hopper is a downgrade? So far I am really disappointed and wish I had stayed with our old equipment. So...I am wondering if someone can please help me with a couple questions.

We have the main hopper in the living room, and a Joey in the man cave. I didn't even know we needed a Joey. Per my conversation with DISH on the phone, we would only be replacing the receiver in the living. But when the exceptionally crabby installer came - he said we had to have a Joey. Now, even though there is supposed to be this massive 16 tuner capability - when there are two tuners being husband can only watch live TV in the man cave. Needless to say, he is not happy. The installer did not tell me about this (or any other help information). In the research I've done on line, it unfortunately seems this is correct - the Joey will switch to live TV if there are two tuners in use. Is there ANY WAY to remedy this? What is a Super Joey and would that help? Why wouldn't you be able to watch recorded programming on the Joey even if two tuners are being used??

We preferred the old equipment that ran independently of each other. He recorded what he wanted, I recorded what I wanted, we didn't see the other recordings, nothing one receiver did affected the other. Is there any way to get back to this?

Second question is...we have only a handful of recordings so far, and it shows 19% of memory is used. WHAT...I thought, since they talked up the huge amount of storage we would have, why would so much memory already be used. I did some research on this, and it appears to have more storage, you need to switch recordings from HD to SD. I've found a few tutorials on this, but I can't seem to switch it. I can switch it under the TV settings, but then the picture for every show is lower quality. Is there a way I can still watch live TV in HD, but record in SD to free up more space?

I would appreciate any help you can offer!

PS...I'm about one hour into holding for DISH chat support - so I'm about ready to give up trying for help there.
Which model hopper did they install? If it's a hopper3 then yes there's 16 tuners but it sounds like you actually got a hopper sling (hopper2) which has 3 tuners. You can use the 3 tuners however you like. So can watch live TV in both rooms and record a third at the same time. If it's not letting you watch live TV then that means all three tuners are currently in use. There's a feature called primetime that's generally off by default but if it's on it will use up one tuner and record the big 4 local networks in the evening. Do during that time it may seem like only 2 of your tuners are working. As far as space goes, I've seen hoppers right out of the box still have recircings on them that didn't get deleted in the refurbishing process. It takes quite a bit of recordings to get to 19%. Like 100+ recordings.
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