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Dec 28, 2004
I am going to have Dish do a new install. I have an OTA antenna currently in the attic with cable runs to some rooms (not the rooms I want Dish to wire). Will the installer be willing wire the antenna to the dish wiring if I pay him a few buck, or is this not something they do?
It's a case by case instance. If you have a local retailer coming out, he'll most definately hook what you want up, if you're willing to pay the extra cash.

Any other type of installer...contractor, RSP, or DNS...that's a different bird. Most generally are pretty well booked for that particular day. But with that said, you may be able to convince an installer to come back to work on the side.
Here is a stroy about OTA

If you have the antenna already up then you might be able to get it working. In my case I had a new antenna installed and I called a E* retailer. Here is my story.

E^ comes and installes my 622, so far so good, after numerous calls to Customer Support they let me know they do not offer OTA installs to NY because they can provide locals.

Call E* retailer from website. They come in and set up the antenna to use the current E* wiring (using diplexers) far so good even though it cost me over $200.00

Recently, something went wrong and my sat went out (luckily I was 4 days shy of the 90-day warranty). E* comes out and for some odd reason cannot get diplexer to work with new DPP44 switch (although it works just fine with DPP34 on sat and OTA. he asked "can i install another dish on roof....I said "hell to the NO!". He gets a new switch and can't get the damn thing working. After 4hrs I say "Just get the Sat working". Which he does.

E* Customer Support calls ME and says "is everything OK?" I say "No, the OTA is not working, she says I spoke to my manager and I don't think that works that way....WTF!!!!". I am not happy...Call E* retailer again, they drop by, replace diplexer and its working again!!! (a $3.00 part). Costs me $75.00. My best advice, IF the tech that stops by is good get his number and work something out OUTSIDE of the work he/she is supposed to do. Had I kept the E* retailers number (he gave it to me, I could have had the issue fixed cheaper, but I lost it).

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