New Install without running more cable


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Jun 3, 2004
I had an appt for an installer to come out and put in a 522, but he couldn't because I needed more cable runs and I live in military housing and we aren't allowed to install more cable.

Another installer told me that I could use a signal separator to run the two feeds into my living room and a feed out of the receiver through the one exisiting coax run. Then feed that into the existing run that is outside my house that feeds the bedroom in which I want the ohter tv.

Can anyone give me a good answer on this. I got the run around at Dish Network, tech support told me yes and then someone else after being transferred told me no. I am trying to get a solid answer so that they can do the install that I originally requested.
The signal separator isn't yet available, and also requires the DishProPlus DPP44 switch, or a DPP LNBF which won't be out for some time yet. This combination of devices allows you to run both tuners of the 522 off of one coax cable.

A diplexer would be used to get the TV2 signal from the 522 back outside and then to the bedroom.

Base housing is usually a real PITA for us installers - can't do 'this', can't do 'that', blah, blah.

Anyway, it sounds like you have coax cable into both rooms that you want TV. Call Dish and tell them your situation and that you'll need 2 receivers. If necessary, play on the fact that you and your family are serving us all and the housing manager is a jerk.

And thank you for your service for all of us!