New Issues with Joey 4.0s


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Jan 3, 2017
Is anyone having strange things happen with the skip buttons on their Joey 4s?

I have 3 Joey 4.0s (with 54 remotes) installed for a few months now. They were working "normally" with the skip buttons until this week. Now I have 2 new things happening:
  • When I skip forward it shows "+1 minute", "+2 minute", etc in the lower-right instead of 30 seconds. A similar thing happens for skip backward.
  • Every now and then, totally at random, the info bar pops up on the top of the screen. This is without me even touching or moving the remote (it is sitting on the table beside me).
Like I said it happens on all 3 of the Joeys and it just started doing it. I didn't contact Dish Support yet but it seems like it may be a software glitch. Just wondering if anybody else is seeing it ....
It could be a software glitch or one of the remote buttons is stuck as I had that happen before when the buttons had layers of things on it where it won't pop all the way out after pressed. The layers came from the environment probably from grease that left the kitchen as all buttons even buttons that no one presses had it and required a good cleaning.
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