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Dec 4, 2011
Hi all, great looking forum. I am thinking of upgrading my 722k but after reading thru some posts I am not sure if
I should. Is the 922k as unreliable as I have read? Is there another DVR receiver upgrade option? I mainly want the ability
to use Sling without purchase of adapter. Thanks.


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Sep 8, 2003
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The adapter is free. Many think the 722K is a better value overall. It costs less per month. And at this time you can not get a 922 because they are not shipping them until they can get the software updated to do blockbuster streaming, something the 722K (and others) can already do.
The 922 has an updated operating system with to some a better looking overall look of the guide etc.. But to others it's actually a little harder to use because it requires more key strokes. As for reliability, I have no first hand experience, but from posts it appears to be good.

To get a free adapter contact the Dish support members who are these forums, they are the best way to get any help with Dish Network. To see who or when they are online look on the main forum page, at the bottom is a list of members online, the ones in RED are Dish support, know an the DIRT team. I strongly suggest doing this over calling Dish and getting a CSR that way.
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