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Nov 6, 2008
I didn't know where to post this, hopefully I don't get flamed. Anyway, I'm pretty sure all you guys might be aware that MGM, Paramount, and Lions Gate are launching a new premium channel. I came across this interesting article and, it turns out they are launching it online first, now to me that sound like a good idea, but again, are you willing to pay for such a service. Me being a Dish sub, I kind of would of like it if they were to launch it on cable or satellite first.

here is the link(s)
Viacom Inc. :: Viacom, Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate Form New Joint Venture to Create an Innovative Premium Entertainment Service

Viacom, Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate form ‘game changing’ joint venture | last100
I heard something about this, but hadn't bothered to look up any details. Thanks.

I heard Showtime gets screwed in this, since Paramount was their main supplier.

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16:9 Broadcast on a SD Signal on a 16:9 TV

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