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Dec 7, 2013
South West Michigan
Howdy, Just registered. Not a member of many forums (<10), because utility is proportional to value.

What I'd suggest to reduce angst in signup:
1> put the "human verification" window/text entry at the bottom, AFTER all required fields are filled in.
2> put both the acceptable avatar file formats/size in their description AND reiterate if an unacceptable file is submitted.

Other than that, I look forward to popping in and voting my tuppence, when appropriate.

A great friend is having Dish access issues, causing me to find sources as this forum.
I'll leave specifics for another thread... not relevant here.

But, Thanks for existing, I'll consider "Pub" level as time/value warrants.... <<<))) (real handle "Sarge")
Hey Sarge!


For the signup stuff we are limited by this software and what can be placed where. I agree the Human Verification should be the last thing you do.

As far as the avatar sizes, the issue there is different usergroups are allowed to have different sized avatars, some usergroups such as Pub Members can even have Animated Avatars. So there is not way to post the avatar sizes in a description and have it be correct for all usergroups. Again more a limitation of the vBulletin software then anything else.

We look forward to helping you are your friend with your issues, if you can't get the help you need here from our members then you not going to get help anywhere as there is no place better on the internet. :D

:welcome and stop by often! :D
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