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Nov 5, 2007
I just installed skyway service and it works great. It only took about an hour to install and I finally have High Speed Internet. I was paying almost $21.00 for dial up and was only able to top out at 37K I am average between 247K and 252K with skyway. I am now only paying 29.95. I was wondering if anyone else was thinking about skyway. They will give me a free month of service if you use me as a referral. This is my fist time on the forum from home. I hope to be back soon:)

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Sep 7, 2003
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With all of the horror stories that have been told just on this site alone about SkyWay USA, I think many people are avoiding the service like the plague. It's a shame because I think this company had promise and I could have sold a lot of setups for them, but not with a company with their business practices.

Jared Twomey

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Mar 7, 2005
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I installed my first Skyway system today for a couple that tried to do a self install and had problems.

The guy probably would have gotten it, except that the little sat beeper thing they sent him has two broken solder points where the lnb connected. After I took that thing apart and fixed it, we were able to get it lined up and working within a few minutes.

Speed on the thing was actually pretty impressive. Not dsl or cable fast, but the latency didnt seem to be as bad as wildblue or hughesnet.
Download speed tested at right at 260 and I tested it 3 times, always came back about the same.

Honestly, I went in expecting the worst, and was surprised. I asked the guy if he minded me calling him after a few weeks to see how they like it. If it decently stable, I may reconsider not selling them.


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Apr 13, 2008
when it works it works great. I really like the download speeds. I have though stopped using it for everyday accesss. I wanted something I could download with and if I can find out how I went over the download limit when I only download between 12 am and 6 am fri, sat and sun nights and get that fixed I'll be happy. Tech support told me downloading during those hrs would not count toward what I could download before it slowed down.

I do wonder if they are misleading to some extent when they say that normal browsing should not effect the speed, Perhaps I browsed to much in those few days after it was reset.

But for those who want faster downloads then they can get where they are located it should be a decent option. The install wasn't a much of a problem. Yes finding the satillite was more difficult, but it was just as hard trying to match the wires when adding a phone cord for the room, since the line coming from the road had colors that weren't even mentioned in the information I found online.

If I get this slowdown thing (fair use policy) worked out I may actually keep it after my year is up.

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