New Software Download for 811 - P2.61 !!


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Nov 25, 2003
Just checked Dish website and it now shows a new software download for 811. Wasn't there earlier today.

All you guys with 811s turn off the power and then let us know what improvements you notice !!

Supposed to have my hands on one tomorrow, can't wait !!

Talked to DISH tech about this--no improvements on this software--just maintainance.

Software in Beta now--48 hour guide, Channel 100---DISH home, and format button (aspect mode)
Aspect mode fixed ????

Let's hope so, i just got the hang of that feature on the 6000 and would hate to lose it !

Anyone ???
No he just said that the software is in Beta testing and will be released when fully tested as an update
Tom Forness said:
...Software in Beta now--48 hour guide...quote]

OK, are we now finding out that even the 48 hour guide didn't make into the box at GA???? ARG! :(

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