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Nov 2, 2016
Minneapolis, MN
I've just switched to dish from a TiVo and find something a bit annoying. It looks like if I start watching a recorded program, I can't delete it without forwarding to the end of it.

Am I missing something, or is that correct?


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Apr 9, 2006
Yeah, there is no "stop" button on TiVo remotes. Ironically, at the TCF, new to TiVo people post asking how to stop playback or stop playback to delete a recording. Funny how our brains really do hardwire for what we have used and have a hard time changing. Exercise of having people learn who to steer a bike by turning one way but the bike turns opposite way. It took time to teach the brain to do it as if natural, but they could no longer operate the bike for turns as before (the way we all do). Can't have it both ways.

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