New to Dish...need help with turning off remote access/DVR issues.

Dan Militello

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Jul 18, 2012
Northwest Chicago Burbs
I used dish online and remote access last night to watch television from my bed on my computer (awesome). However now when I press the red button on the remote "Living Room 1" is currently watching what I am really watching in my living room currently as well as the HBO channel from last night.

Help! lol thanks guys.

RaymondG@Dish Network

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Jul 19, 2011
Did you log out of DISHonline on your computer? You shouldn't be seeing the same thing on TV1 as you would when you Sling. The Sling Adapter actually takes over the second tuner (on the Duo DVRs) or an available tuner (with the Hopper). Please send me a PM with some more details as to what you are seeing on your screen so I can assist you to get this corrected.

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