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Jan 31, 2004
First off, I'd like to thank the admin of this site, I've been reading it now for an hour or so and find it very enlightening. I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer. I recently (last month) got a 510 DVR through Dish Network and love it, except for one thing, I can't record a program while watching another (I understand So now that I'm hooked on the DVR train I'd like to do that (record one while watching another). Please correct me if I am wrong.
I cannot do that with a 522?
I can do that with a 721?
I can do that with a 921?

From reading this forum it appears that the 721 has some problems and the 921 is out of my price range. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have two 721s and they are very stable receivers now after the last software update. I haven't missed a timer in at least a year and a half. They make it very easy to watch one thing and record another or record two things and watch an event already recorded. The negative things you have read about are the things that were happening before the last software update. There is some problem with using a dishproquad with the initial software update with a brand new 721 receiver. They also sometimes have a tuner that flakes out. All the more reason to get the Dish extended warrenty. This protects all receivers lnbs dishes etc and is only 1.99 through today. Tomorrow it will be going up to 5.99 a month. You can get one at the Dish store or The dishdepot lets you trade in on a new receiver and will give you 100.00 for your 510 if you want to trade it in. Call Mark and he will work a deal with you. I have traded in all my old receivers and gotten the latest dvrs with the exception of the 921. A little to expensive for me right now. Oh yeah the 721 has NO DVR FEES.
BobaBird said:
The 522 will do it but it's only available to lease customers.
I thought the 522 only let you watch another "already recorded" program while you record something else. i didn't think it let you watch "live TV" while recording something else. Does it?
Presently it does not work in a dual mode . YOu could hook the second tuner to the same tv and use it with your tv inputs and just switch back in forth . Of course you will have to use two different remotes for the second tuner . It is uhf and the main tuner is ir. This is a work around till they enable the dual tuner mode with this summers promised software update. Oh yeah , you pay a dvr fee on this receiver as well as a additional receiver fee unless you sub to AEP and keep your receiver hooked up to the phone line. It's also not available for current or new subs unless they are on the digital home advantage plan. It is rumored that a 523 will replace the 721 and then it will be available to all subs for sale.
So if I give Dish Network back the 510 and purchase a 721 I won't have the monthly charge of $4.98?
THe problems that the 721 has/had were greatly exaggerated by a few disgruntled people. I have one for well over a year and it's been great.


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