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Feb 1, 2004
I have a couple of questions concerning Dish’s availability to provide distant locals{East/West} to customers. While I have only been a DISH subscriber for a week or so now,I`m am not a newbie to the Satellite TV game. I had DirecTV for over 5yrs.After moving into a new house decided to try the local cable programming. Well that lasted all of 6 months and I decided to go with DISH over D* for the mere fact DISH representatives told me on getting out of market stations was not a problem and I could get those along with my local stations. I talked with 4 people and e-mailed a fifth individual from DISH inquiring about how to go about getting distant feeds. No problem they said as long as the markets your interested in doesn’t cross-territories it’s a 90% chance you will be approved. Well no sooner was my account activated the REAL story was dumped on me “Good luck getting those approved” the 6th person from DISH told me, since you have locals in your area, the local affiliates wont grant you a waiver. Well within 3 days my local CBS denied me and I guess it’s just matter of time before the rest follow suit Needless to say I was quit peeved-off about this. Once DISH files a waiver for you and it gets denied can you re-file one a few months later or is it one strike and done. All my locals come in very clear so the antenna power A-Signal vs. B-Signal won’t fly.I guess this is my own fault for trusting a sales rep.I cant say the DISH folks lied to me, but they really clouded the truth. Anyone ever had a denial over turned???
Thank you very much with any advice you can offer up.
PS: You guys have a GREAT SITE!! Very informative……………
The best thing to do is go to Dish's site under locals and put in your address. That will tell you what you qualify for.

If you don't like what it tells you, then you could "move". Do a search on here and you will see many people have done that (move their service address) to do one of two things
1. get locals in a neighboring market because your market is not available (as I did..Duluth, MN isnt available yet, so I moved to get Minneapolis locals)
2. To get distant feeds, either all of them (the big 4) or partial (again, as I did..I now get FOX out of LA & Denver)

That would be the easiest..once someone denies your waiver, it is real tough (almost impossible) to get it overturned. Moving is the easiest.
Thanks for the info Iceberg, I don’t mean to sound like a rookie idiot here, but when you say move, do you mean physically move to another location/city or is there a way to change your service address on your account, and remain where you are. . If you mean the latter how does one go about doing that?
When I "moved" I used my lake house. I just called up Dish and told them I need to change my service address. Give them the address you find, but make sure you tell them to keep your billing address what it was. I live in Duluth, but Dish thinks I live in Aitkin.

Couple things to remember

1. The address must be a legit one. Dish verifies it via the USPS.
2. The address doesnt already have an active Dish account...If ther is, then there is a problem.

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