Newbie needs help installing dish on portable tripod!


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Jul 25, 2004
Hello! I just had a superdish upgrade at home with all new receivers. I decided my old dish 500 quad (non dish pro I assume b/c there is no logo) would be excellent to use while on vacation. So, I'm here at the campground. I have the dish and tripod level. The skew and elevation set to specs (from the peak angles menu) and I found the azimuth with a compass.I did a checkswitch before connecting the dish (I read in one of the posts that this was needed when connecting a non dishpro dish to a recvr that had been used with a dishpro system). After I connected the dish, I did another checkswitch with the superdish option unchecked. The checkswitch did not pick up any switch and I get the 4 x boxes like it is still connected to a superdish at home; but my dish was working when I removed it from the roof! What am I doing wrong! I'd appreciate ANY help! Also, which transponders should I set the 110 and 119 to? Thanks in advance!
Welcome aboard!

I always use TP 11 & 12 for strength measurements - gives nice apples-to-apples numbers.

You say you set azmuth with a compass, that's good, but did you compensate for the magnetic deviation? depending on where you are, it could be nothing, or as much as 20 degrees. Also, make sure you're plugged into port 1 of the LNBF. Just to be safe, reset the switch matrix again first:
Disconnect everything, run check switch, pull power plug, run check switch again, hook up LNBF, get it aimed, run check switch for the last time.

Rule of thumb: When in doubt, run another Check Switch. :)

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