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Sep 18, 2007
Niagara Falls,NY
Sorry im new to this stuff but I'am learning. Ok first question, when u guys are talking about like oh im pointing my dish at 71 degrees and getting different channels. Tell me how many different ways can you point the dish and how all the dish pointing stuff works and whats the point.

Second question, I'am soon going to buy a 52' Sony or Samsung LCD HDTV. I have been informed that many new HD channels are coming out. I cannot find where any of these channels are and am not currently and HD subscriber. Do i have to be a subscriber to see these channels on the guide and will i be able to get all the AT250 HD channels with an HD essential subscription?

Thanks if you answered I appreciate it.


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If you don't know anything about pointing a dish, you should leave that to installers.

You need an mpeg4 HD receiver to have HD channels show in the guide, whether you subscribe to them or not. Not sure which channels you would see as there has not been any word as to which package some of the new HD channels will be in. It usually takes a couple of days till info is sorted out.

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