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Nov 29, 2008
Typical Dish move! Advertise a "fantastic" new beat all, solve all solution to your tv2 sd issues, get everybody talking about it and wanting one, then stick it in your a$$ by never producing it. I'm sure it's because of the xip line but if Dishs past track record of bringing new products to market in a reasonable amount of time is any indication, the XIP line should be available some time in 2013 and probably buggy as hell.

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Nov 25, 2003
Nederland , Texas
I've learned my lesson after this whole 922 /sling extender debacle. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE at CES. They promoted both receiver and sling extender for two years straight and here we are now : NO sling extender at all and the 922 pulled from the market due to software compatibility with the Blockbuster Movie pass ,among other software glitches. From now on only buy a receiver and a product if it has actually got to the market, is working and reliable. DISH has dangled the carrot one to many times for me. After 15 years with them ,I've learned my lesson. With DISH almost all their technology is hype and flash and failed promises.

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