Next Generation Dish HDTV already coming?

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Sep 7, 2003
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We have heard about Dish Networks new 34 inch and 40 inch HDTV bundles, but it now appears that the next generation TV's are already set to debut!

The current models are te 300 series, the new line will be the 310 series.

Here are some specs I was sent tonight. :)

DISH Network has made viewing high-definition television affordable with our two DISH Network HD Monitors: a 34" direct-view monitor and a 40" rear projection HD Monitor. Both feature digital and analog TV connections, as well as ease-of-use with the DISH Network HD satellite receiver's remote control.

Each of the monitors (34" and 40") will have two versions. The first is
the 300 series, then following is the 310 series. The major difference is that the 310 series will have Reverse 3:2 Pull Down

All models will have:
16:9 aspect ratio
- 1080i resolution
. Supports 480p resolution for:
Progressive scan DVD players, etc., using Component inputs
- DISH 811 or DISH Player-DVR 921 satellite receivers when set to the
optional 480p setting, using the DISH DVI input
- 1080i and 480p modes supported on DISH DVI and HD Component (Y Pr Pb) inputs
- PIP (Picture in-Picture) - the TV displays two standard definition
monitor input
- POP (Picture Outside Picture) - the TV displays two side-by-side
standard definition monitor inputs
( NOTE: The TV's PIP and POP features are not available on content
displayed through the DISH DVI or Component video inputs)

Once again SatelliteGuys.US shows that we provide the real news first. Thanks for visiting us today!
Excuse my ignorance Scott, but what is 3:2 Pull down? What makes this so much better?
MikeD-C05 said:
Excuse my ignorance Scott, but what is 3:2 Pull down? What makes this so much better?

Reverse 3:2 pulldown is a technique for accurately deinterlacing 24 frame/sec film images for a non-interlaced (progressive) device, from an interlaced source such as a DVD or NTSC broadcast.

Great explaination here:
I hope everyone is aware that these RCA HDTV are entry level HDTV's and will not impress anyone except those unfamiliar with HDTV. A lot of people go and see some pretty decent HDTV's on display at various stores and are thinking these RCA HDTV's will garner the same video quality but are disappointed when they see the video on the RCA's.
Stargazer said:
Also RCA has had some reliability problems. I am staying clear of ANYTHING with an RCA label on it.
In these days of rebadging of manufacturer's products is can be hard to just look at the name to know the manufacturer. Dish's HDTV's will have Dish badges but RCA is the manufacturer. People really do need to do some investigation when buying electronics these days. And of course the Internet gives people a much broader abilty to od so.

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