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I have been asked by Dish Network to compile some questions about the 721 (and today's 721 update) for use on tonights Tech Chat

PLEASE if you have any 721 questions PLEASE POST THEM HERE ASAP!
First, I want to thank DISH for the software update that we got today. I really like the weather application.

Here are my questions:
  1. When will the 721 get OpenTV?
  2. When you setup something to record the defaults for record are "start 1 minute early" and "end 3 minutes late". In a future software upgrade could there be an option for "user selected defaults" that we pre-enter? I ALWAYS use something different than -1 and +3 and would like to have them saved.
  3. What ever happened to the wireless keyboard that was shown for the 721?
  4. Is the 721 really going to get a software upgrade that will allow it to have internet access?
    Thank you,
Bill R's covers it for me! Particularly his questions #1, #3, and #4. I have some others like sticky menus, and a real important one to me, would be when you program the favorites, that list should indicate which channels you are subscribed to vs. the ones that are not (like the 501) does. But I don't want to get bogged down in too many fine details. If they can answer the big ones, that would be a big help.

Can't wait to get home and check out this new upgrade!
I just thought of another one:

Could the software be changed so that BOTH tuners are buffered (like they are on the DirecTV TiVos)? I really don't like the PIP feature on the 721 that is required to keep both tuners buffered.
P.S. By sticky menus, I mean it remembers the setting you had it on last. Such as sort PVR events listed chronologically or alphabetically. Looking over my post, I realize I probably didn't use the right "tech jargon" for that!
Please add folders and an option on each timer to automatically place the recorded event into a folder.
I can't believe that this post has been alive for almost an hour and no one has mentioned name-based recordings/season passes! I guess I better mention it now so Dish doesn't think that we've lost interest in this feature!
Larry touched on some of my favorite ideas, obviously everyone wants named based recordings.

But folders are a must love the idea of being able to assign a folder when you set up the timer. At the very least, being able to set a default for the sort (I hate that it defaults to sort by date) as well as the default for the 1 minute early 3 minute late, I usually kill these since it adds to more timer conflicts, only the network shows need these.

The Internet, this was advertised as a feature when I purchased the 721 for $550, if you aren't going to do the internet in the next 6 months give me a partial refund for flat out lying to me about that feature. Don't give us internet access through some 'other' online company that I have to shell out $20 to, let me use a dsl, cable modem or dial up with my existing provider.

Lastly let Scott run a poll of what we want as new features for the next upgrade, so that we can decide what is important not someone who thinks they know what is important..
Discrete power codes were added in 1.15. However the receiver responds to the power on command by toggling the power state instead of turning or staying on. It does respond to the power off command correctly.

Will this be corrected in the next software update?
Also, can they add an expiration date on recorded files? Add this option in the timer setup screen. Have the option to auto-delete shows after they are xx days old or delete the oldest if there are more than xx copies of the same show. I tape multiple programs daily (news, kids shows) that are ignored once the new episodes are aired. It would be nice if I didn't have to constantly delete these shows manually.

Larry H
When and if the OpenTV support comes for the 721... will the current software be replaced or just enhanced with additional support and features ... in other words, will it end up as ugly as my 5xx ? :)
Two things for me that I would like to see on the 721 (one already covered)

1) default to Resume instead of Start Over if resuming a PVR event.

2) Warning if changing channel if you are not live (watching buffered).

My $.02

721 tech chat question

How about a feature that prompts you when watching a show that is recording and hit stop instead of pause. It's frustrating to have to start recording again.
I would like to know:

1. IS there ANY plan to add/activate the internet access feature on the 721?

2. is there any plan or ability to either upgrade the storage (hard disk) or output stored programs directly to a pc or dvd-writer for archive and for watching on other tvs?

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