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Dec 4, 2003
Any news on what the Charlie Chat is about..? In case anyone wondered it is

Charlie Chat:
Monday, March 8, 2004
9:00 p.m. ET**
Channel 101

1) More locals Blah blah
2) the 811 2.64 official corection list and a ETA for 2.6X
3) New DVR Deal
4) ViaComm update
5) 2 new HD channels (maybe)
6) Who's the guest..? How about one of those chics off Channel 492.
I know for sure that they will announce DMA #74, Portland-Auburn ME as launching sometime around April 8th. I don't know anymore about it at this time.
Charlie Chats have been soooo depressing lately.

How about some good news for once. Like many new SD and HD Channels, and that everything is now shipping and is all in stock.

No more of this bad news or no news stuff like in Months past.
I always get little notes before each chat trying to get me to pump up the users, which I use to do, but I got burned too many times so I don't bother anymore.
what's your note say this time Scott? Let me guess, more locals and more HD talk? Plus an update on the 811 and 921 stock? I bet they don't even print up new ones, just use last months :)
Channels that are now part of locals (signed agreements)
locals that are coming soon
no new HD...nothing is compelling to add
cbs & viacom dispute..complete with graphics and charts
guest (see above)
couple of when is dish getting more japanese or russian programming?

see ya next month!
Bingo TV!
Special on ESPN Full Court, and NBA and NHL Half season packages!
No YES or MLB because we don't want to raise your rates..... er, don't want to raise them more than we did......
The one guy building the 811s and 921s had a blister so they had to shut down the line for a month.....

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