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Feb 12, 2005
San Rafael CA
I'm in L.A.

When we V21 subs moved from Voom DBS to Voom/Dish, I kept my Voom supplied OTA, got the Dish500 for 110&119 and reused my old Voom dish for the E* 61.5 to 811 and a 942. Paid all the standard fees and installation costs but was able to get my local guy to drop the second dish fee.

So come April, equipment wise with next move, I will besides the OTA antenna, need the one Dish1000 for 110,119, &129 get a 211vip and a 611 as well as it will only cost $99 after the rebate?

MPEG-4 if implemented is still at least a year off too?


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Sep 8, 2003
Birmingham, AL
If you have a dish at 61.5, you should be OK. Much of the NE US cannot see 129, so everything should be duplicated on 61.5.

If your locals move to 129, you could always re-aim the 61.5 dish to 129 or get a Dish 1000.

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