NFL Network HD Live Action quality is poor


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Tom Bombadil

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May 5, 2005
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In comparison to NFL games I've watched this year from OTA networks and off of ESPN, the Broncos-Chiefs game on NFL Network is suffering from over compression. I'm seeing significantly more macro pixelation and motion blurring than other NFL HD games. Particularly on the Chiefs' red uniforms. The detail from the field's grass surface is not as sharp either.

It isn't bad, but sure isn't an HD feast for the eyes.

PS In looking back at my thread's title, I should have said it was mediocre or middlin', not poor.

PPS Yikes, I just saw two fast action camera pans where the resolution fell apart badly. So perhaps "poor" was the correct term.
Yea, I actually find it painful to watch. I find bad motion pixelation on my locals and MPEG4 channels. I don't know whether it's because my 61.5 DISH is out-of-alignment or just that MPEG4 can't keep up with fast action; your post seems to indicate it may be a bit of each.

Again, I don't even want to watch fast action on MPEG4.

Same here the quality sucks, you would think Dish would have done better sinse they are pushing the NFL Netork channel! Yeah we have and its a sh!tty picture too! Yep sign me up! :confused:
My signal strength off of 61.5 for this channel is 100.

As the game proceeds, the motion artifacts become more and more obvious. Pretty darn annoying.

The picture is very good on still and low motion shots. But this is a FOOTBALL GAME!!! It is kinda important to have high quality fast motion images!
More annoying than the picture quality is Bryant Gumble's voice. High pitched and mono-tone does not a good announcer make. :(

My wife says to me "why does that announce sound like a nasally 12 year old kid?" Right from the opening shot, he looked and sounded like he didn't want to be there.
PQ was crap on D* here. Crap on Comcast as reported by KenH at AVS. Just as bad was Gumbel. Seems to be more than just a provider problem.
My wife says to me "why does that announce sound like a nasally 12 year old kid?" Right from the opening shot, he looked and sounded like he didn't want to be there.
Just wait till Tiki Barber gets on TV. He sounds like a GEEK with a permanent Sinus infection
I watched it over local OTA in Denver since the game is a local game for us... I also switched between local and NFL Network and noticed a huge difference in quality. OTA was way cleaner and sharper... The only bad thing I noticed was the crowd noise compression was very low and it sounded like listening to streaming radio... The announcers sounded great though.
After watching the other two games OTA, the NFLHD picture was a real letdown. Terrible picture during fast motion, and instant replays looked downright weird. Pregame show and sidelines in SD, WTF! I thought the broadcast would be NFL's chance to shine. What a bummer.

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