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Sep 6, 2003
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Two weeks before the Nov. 4 launch of the NFL Network, executives touted its programing to reporters even as they acknowledged they had not secured any distribution beyond DirecTV's 11.85 million homes.

"We're having ongoing conversations with every cable operator and satellite provider," NFL Network president Steve Bornstein said, adding only that he was seeking "broad distribution" for the service.

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Sep 8, 2003
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Cable operators and the Dish Network -- DirecTV's rival -- have balked at paying what sources have tabbed as roughly 25 cents a month per subscriber for the channel. Furthermore, the league wants operators to put the network on the most basic level of their digital packages. By contrast, NBA TV has allowed distributors to place it on sports tiers that typically cost an extra $5-$6 a month. NBA TV has deals with DirecTV, Dish, and several operators.

This sounds like the YES Network all over again. When will they learn that E*, will not pay for it.

"We've made no announcements about carrying it," said EchoStar spokesman Mark Lumpkin, who declined to be more specific.

Privately, operators say the network is not worth the price, grumbling that while NBA TV airs live regular season games, the NFL Network will not, providing only preseason and NFL Europe contests. Analysts say the operators will enjoy most of the leverage in the talks until negotiations begin for a new TV contract in 2005 when the cable companies will pursue the NFL Sunday Ticket plan that DirecTV owns exclusively.

Good points. If you are not providing any games why bother with the channel. At least NBA Tv provides games in HD...

NFL TV -- I am not going to miss you... Sorry NFL Fans... :)

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