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Mar 29, 2004
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So I am surfing and notice yesterday that ESPN Classic is no longer part of my package, America 250. Now I have 3 receivers, 2 are DVRs, and my bill is $123/month. So I call about a technical problem and ask about the channel. He says its part of the Multi Sport now. No real biggie, hardly ever watch it. Then he starts reading off the list in the $5.99/month Multi Sport and says NFL Redzone and NFL NETWORK! I am like WHAT! He said you may still have it on your regular package but it is going away. :mad: Now that pisses me off, right before the DRAFT! WTF. I am a USF fan, this could be our biggest draft to date. This nickel and dime crap has to stop. Who else has the NFL channel set off in a sports package?



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Apr 3, 2005
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That would be a major change.

Is it possible that MultiSport includes NFL Net and it also stays in the other packages it is in already, that sounds more likely.

That would give NFLNet to customers that have multisport but not a base package or a base package smaller than what NFLNet is in.

Just saying a possibility, don't panic off the response of one CSR.

That change sounds doubtful to me.


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Sep 7, 2003
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NFL Network and NFL Red Zone are in the Sports pack. Some one with AT200 or AT100 plus doesn't have to get AT250 to get NFL Network.

NFL Network is ALSO in AT250.

Of course that could change, but I haven't heard anything to that effect yet.


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Dec 22, 2005
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Don't flip out because one CSR doesn't know what they're talking about.

As Tony said those channels are in both packages so a person with a lower package can get them by just ordering the Sports Tier. Same as with alot of cable companies......and that's how NFL Network wanted it set up.
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Mar 29, 2004
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He said he had a memo about it. Specifically for it. They were just briefed on people calling about ESPN Classic no longer being in people's packages and he read the memo. He had no idea until he read the memo and he said the memo said that NFL Network may still be available to some but will not be for very long as they transition it to the Multi-Sport package. There is no channel on Multi-Sport that is available on any other package. They already had NFL Redzone in it and are putting NFL Network in it. He started reading off the list in Multi, and I stopped him when he said NFL Network. He said this is a decision just made at corporate.

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