NFL Scores a Touchdown


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Sep 18, 2009
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Directv had the Red Zone last year (or at least part of the year) and it cost me an extra $50.
This year I got all the games plus the red zone. Lots of $$$
Could I have gotten the red zone without the all the games on the NFL package?
I might still get all the games because I also have a seperate TV with an antenna next to my Directv TV. There is a 7 second delay from the local TV to the Directv one.
If I choose to watch the local team I have a whole afternoon of instant replay.

I haven't noticed anyone mention that there vertually no commercials on the red zone.
Nothing could be better.

This is my first post so this is probibly not the place for all this.
Maybe you could move it?


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May 18, 2004
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Sorry Scott, but you took a very small minority that dissed the Sunday Ticket and make it seem like a dent might happen inteh NFL Sunday Ticket; IT WON'T. The RedZone is no where near a substitute for REAL fans that actually care about the game and want to watch them. This is a mild upgrade to those folks that normally get all their football from ESPN News. Good try at spin tho.

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Oct 20, 2004
i agree not your best article scott! you quoted users comments ie scherrman afait he is a dishnet retailer and doesnt have directv therefore never had a st subscription
of course if you dont have st you will think rz is awesome but us with st im sure see rz as me a glorified espnnews with football only and for sunday afternoon only
for us with st rz is a complete waste
for those w/o st your opinion of rz is worthless imho as you will all be singing praises of rz

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