NFL TICKET (or max) Offer for Change address Movers

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Oct 29, 2010
Central Texas
I am an att customer and have the 50 dollars offer for two years.
I switched addresses and was assured of no price increases.

After I switched I received a phone call.
Which the representative stated free NFL Ticket for sticking with them.

I said yes. No my bill is 50 dollars more. They state I was offered the free NFL TICKET MAX upgrade (which I did not know existed) but had to pay for NFL Ticket.

Once I chatted to complained. They say ok we will remove the offer. But they are still charging me an extra 15 dollars a month for NFL Ticket which I do not want if it's not free.

Can anyone explain this offer ?
Essentially, what they were offering was to give you NFL ST for free if you signed up for Sunday Ticket (which costs money). They probably didn't explain it very well, which is why you ended up confused. If you don't want to pay for it, you should call back and complain and have it removed, at least in my opinion.
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