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Aug 17, 2017
Brentwood, TN
Much of this has been covered in other threads so my apologies in advance for redundancies. I have a primary home with DirecTV subscription and the following equipment:

Slimline SWM SL35 4NR5-01 (one line)
Genie Gen 3 / DVR HR44-500
Genie Mini x 3 C51-700
RG-6 Cable from Dish

My objective is set up a dish at a vacation home I use sparingly (2-4 weeks per year) in Northern MI. I understand this to be technically against the terms of use but OK as long as both sites are not watching simultaneously (which in my case will never happen). I can bring my Genie or Mini with me when I travel to the vacation home. I AM A ROOKIE AT THIS STUFF SO ASSUME I KNOW NOTHING....

The vacation home has trees across the front blocking the South, therefore I plan to mount the LNB dish on a pole approximately 65' from the house and about 100ft from where the TV is. Question 1: any issues here? Should I use RG-11 or other tech to ensure good signal quality? Question 2: I plan to buy an exact duplicate LNB Dish (from eBay or whatever) - good idea? Any tips on pole / mounting, etc? Should the buried coax be in a conduit?

I read about powering the LNB. Question 3: what do I need to make this happen?

I'm planning to hook up to a single television. Question 4: I'm assuming I don't need a splitter of any kind. Correct?

I'm planning to bring my Genie Gen 3 / DVR along with power cables, remotes, etc. Question 5: good move? Will the Mini suffice?

Question 6: If I do so, should I expect to have the same channel package that I have at my primary home? Does this include local channels?

Question 7: I have some neighbors with DirecTV so I can get the general direction of the LNB Dish. Should I get other equipment, etc to ensure this is done correctly? Or, will the set up guide the signal strength for me?

Question 8: This is the biggie - what am I missing?

Very appreciative of the advice, etc.
:welcome to Satelliteguys BunkerSteve!

Your location is close enough to not have any issues. Getting the same lnb (the dishes are all the same, basically) means less hassle swapping equipment from one location to another. Putting the cable in conduit is a good idea, but not required. Make sure the pole is 2" and is in at least 80 lbs of concrete.You will need a power inserter to power the lnb. Either 21 or 29 volt model will work. You won't need a splitter for one tv, just put the power inserter inline. You have to take the Genie, a mini won't work by itself since it doesn't have a tuner in it. You will get all of the same channels except your locals since they are on spotbeams that won't reach far enough. You can download a satellite finder app for your smartphone to help locate the satellites. The meters in the Genie will be enough, with some guidance from us, to align the dish. Good luck!
Chip: can't thank you enough for the quick and complete reply. I'll give it a shot! Do you suggest buying gear through the Amazon / Satellite Guys link? I want to support you guys.....
If your locals are from Detroit, they will work as far as Grand Rapids and north of Tawas.

As far as the pole, you will need to contact an authorized DIRECTV or exede internet dealer to buy one.

It's a 2 inch pole, and they do not sell the correct size at Home Depot or Lowes. Been there, done that.

You may find something close, but it will be slightly too small or too big.

100 feet all the way up to 150 feet should be fine. You could really get away with up to 300 if needed.

Use RG6. The tools and fittings for RG11 are not readily available and are expensive and un-necessary.

Yea, duplicate the same LNB. It will setup more easily when you switch boxes.

Conduit is a good idea, but not necessary. Most coax can be buried with no problem. You can even get orange direct burial, which is flooded with a goo to repel water.

Also all conduit fills with water eventually. Do you really want your wire sitting in water?

A good idea is to get the 90 degree plastic conduit bends and place it at the dish and the house to prevent weed wacker damage around the pole

Since you mentioned northern Michigan, I can assume your from Detroit? I have all this stuff in my store reasonably priced that you can pick up locally. Office number 800-807-0837
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Claude: Thanks for all the great points. I did not realize the 2" pole would be an issue. I would have ended up at Home Depot pulling my hair out so thanks for that!

My locals are out of Brentwood / Nashville, TN so I doubt they will be available in N. Mich. No biggie there.

Appreciate the number as I may be able to swing through the Detroit area on the way up some time and get what I need.

Best, Steve
If you buy a dish it will come with a mount, which includes the mast/pole. If you are using a pole mount in the ground, you can get 2" exhaust pipe. Just make sure you are below the frost line and use at least two 60 lb bags of cement. Also, flatten the end of the pole to keep it from spinning in the ground.
Chip: Thanks for the advice. Good stuff! Quick question. Regarding the frost line comment. Are you referencing the pole depth (so it doesn't move with freeze / thaw) or are you referencing the depth to bury the cable? Thanks! Steve
The pole depth. It has to be as deep as the frost line. In northern Michigan it's probably at least 48", maybe deeper.
Edit: I just checked and it's only 42". I'm surprised it isn't more.
You don't have to flatten it, just make it out of round.
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