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Jul 28, 2007
Did something happen to all the regional channels dish had? Took like a week ago I was getting every channel in hd except say Canada and the new York teams. But now it seems a only a handful of games are hd. Games that typically are are not.

For instance, tonight Colorado and Columbus no hd, typically I would have both. Minnesota and Calgary, typically the Minnesota feed is hd, but not tonight. Did I miss something that suddenly took all this hd away?
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SatelliteGuys Pro
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Aug 17, 2005
Pacific NW
What the Hell!

Cheap Charlie is at it again, I'm trying to watch the Blues vs Canucks game and it's not in HD, I noticed all Canadian NHL teams playing US Teams are not in HD???

Not only is it not in HD but the reception looks like I'm using rabbit ears! I want a refund on Center Ice~!

I think next season I'm switching to DirecTv.
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