No more dish aiming headache !

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May 22, 2006
I am very happy with my Skyview RX-600 receiver, especially when it comes to aiming dishes/finding satellites.

It has an audio tone which indicates the signal strenght !

It starts beeping when a satellite is located, and the beeping gets faster when the signal gets stronger.

I just connected the receiver's audio out to an amplifier, and run 100 ft two wire "thermostat" cable with a headphone at the end .

(Could have also put some speakers at the open window, but that would have made the neighbors somewhat upset with my activity !)

Does any other receiver has this very practical feature ?


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Nov 5, 2003
YES! The Traxis DBS 3500 has it too!

Not only that it displays the SIGNAL QUALITY on the LCD on the front of the receiver!

Its the poormans Birdog :)
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