No Signal Device in some channels device-Openbox

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Probably not a scam. Might be an inline voltage regulator circuit to limit the vertical voltage to less than 14vdc.
If I wasn't an "ebay objector" I'd try it on the installation I wrote about earlier in the week that is seeing signal issues on a VERIFIED signal lead from a dual C-band LNB. The no-load LNB voltage was high on both sides on a digital meter. I thought, given the lack of signal that we had LOST the power to the LNB, when actually it was there! Whether it's efficiently switching is the issue as it appeared, but...this "type" of item may have helped.
I'll give it a try an order one. Two of my Openbox S9 are giving me NO signal in some channels while the other 2 works OK in the same conection. I read something in other forums about the vertical Voltage being over or lower the range thus creating the problem on some openboxes as SatAv mentioned. Hopefully this regulates and send the proper voltage??? Its less than $20 bucks including shipping so I'll give it a try and will post results when I get it, Thanks
betch'a this is what's inside it. Should be able to build one for about 2 bucks. Been using one for a few years.


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but the openbox works fine with a standard ku linear lnb.
If the power supply was bad those would have a problem also.
The standard ku also works better on the dish moving screen.
i have no signal on some channels with the openbox/solomend. i have figured out that it is on dbs2 channels. if i switch between transponders i can get the signal there but when i try to move it with the solomend, it goes away. i switch the transponders once again and then move the dish with the remote for the gbox. that keeps the signal showing on the display. this might not be your problem but hope this helps. charlie
Inline diode fix - cause and effect

My problem was my C band would not switch to vertical polarity. All my Ku feeds switched with no fail. I could switch my C band to V by entering tune up screen and select a V TP, then selecting a diseqc port other than the one with the C band feed. This removes voltage from the C band feed*. Then reselecting the proper port. I first had this problem with my Pansat 9200. When it was replaced with the S9, I removed the "diode" and had the same problem. Reinstalled the "diode" inline and no more problems. I jury rigged a test where I could feed an adjustable voltage to the LNBF's and found the Ku lnbf's would all switch to Vertical as soon as voltage dropped below 15vdc. The C band LNBF would not switch to Vertical until the voltage went below 14vdc. With the receivers, 9200 and S9, supplying 14.4vdc the C band LNBF could not switch. A diode will drop ~.7vdc. With it inline it drops the LNBF supply to ~13.7. which allows the C band LNBF to switch. All LNBF's, C and Ku, would switch to Horizontal with voltages going above between 15.6 and 16.5 vdc.
*With the S9, I could have done essentially the same by just selecting LNB Power Off, instead of diseqc port changes. Don't think I had that option with the 9200.
I have no capacitor in mine. A 1N4000 series has plenty of internal capacitance to pass L band in 75? coax. I note no loss, lowered Q on any satellite with it inline.
My S9 will drop Q reading when moving my BUD via diseqc in the Antenna Setup screen. Changing TP back and forth brings it back. Haven't investigated if it's only S2 TP's or not. Don't think anything external could fix that.
I am having the same problem as well i replaced all o my ends with ridge logic universal RG6 compression and still having the same problems that you people are have. I used the S10 Firmware from the Satellite Guys section and that is the only Firmware that will work with mine.
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