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Aug 13, 2005
I am getting all sats with my BUD, 10 feet, Pansat 3500s, Ku/C lnb Corrotor II.

I have noticed some (few, 3 o 4) of the channels in some satellites I can get the picture with no problem but no sound. One of them I remember is the Tube (music channel), do not remember in which satellite thought.

But todya I just scanned AMC-1C and got this channels:

Freg 3862, H, V=2360, SR=28.347, Audio=0 (This data from Pansat 3500s).

Do I need to change a setting on my Pansat???
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Mar 11, 2005
The Tube is on AMC3 and G3C, Both C-band, and I believe they both have AC3 audio, so you will need to use the AC3 passthru from your Pansat 3500 to a Dolby Digital decoder.

It is also available on G10R Ku, with PCM Audio, which the Pansat can decode natively.

Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN

Ac-3 is a different audio output. You need an audio receiver that can decode dolby digital and a receiver that can send out the stream.

The 3500 can send out AC-3…you just need an audio receiver to decode it :D


Dec 15, 2005
Does 2700A output dolby digital? It has SPDIF RCA connector which I hook up to my A/V receiver (yes, my receiver can decode DD/DTS). Stereo channels work w/o any problems. As soon as I try AC, no sound reaches A/V receiver. It is problem with all 2700A's or just my particular unit? TIA
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