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Aug 24, 2013
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My trouble started when, in an attempt to start getting HD channels for MAVTAV and Velocity, I was told by Dish that I would have to upgrade to an HD Receiver and an HD-compatible dish. So...I bought a brand new VIP222k receiver and new 1000.2 dish and had them installed. I also decomissioned my old DP311 SD receivers as part of the switch. I upgraded to America's Everything and Blockbuster@home at the same time so that I would be subscribing to any and all HD channels.

Well, I can now watch MAVTV just fine, as well as dozens of other HD channels. I cannot, however, get to Velocity. I've searched several forums, and found that many people are not seeing Velocity on their guide -- despite their subscription that includes it.

I chatted with a Dish CS person today and she has told me I need a different dish/LNB installed to receive Velocity. She says that I cannot get any of the programming coming from the 129 satellite without a dish upgrade -- and that will require a tech visit. I'm not sure that makes sense, since everything I've read about my new receiver and dish says that the 3 LNBs are arrayed to pick up satellites 110, 119, and 129 in the "Western Arc" that I should be part of. Since ALL of the HD programming should be coming from satellite 129 in my case, it stands to reason that I am either getting HD channels-- or I am not -- because I am not "seeing" the 129 satellite.

Am I missing something here or misinformed about the new hardware (receiver and dish) that I installed a couple of weeks ago?

I don't want to drag a tech up here for nothing. I live up in the Rockies and it is ten degrees with 40 mph winds blowing snow around. I'd like to save them the trip if this is actually a software issue and not a hardware thing.

TIA for your comments.


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Sep 8, 2003
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I'm guessing you are reading older posts? I don't think people are missing Velocity since somewhere around early April. It is part of every package 120 and up channel 246. It sounds like you do have all the correct satellites. I'm not sure ALL HD comes from 129 however. As an example USA is not.
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