Not Getting Much Signal Strength From Brand New 722K Installation on TV 2 RF


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Jan 9, 2005
Background, We just upgraded from our existing 522 DVR to a 722K HD setup installed by Dish's installer. He set it all up including the RF number 2 in my daughters room . I found later after he left that the signal wasn't getting through to the receiver in the living room. The installer put in new batteries which came in the box and I traded them out later on for a couple of sets of NIMH rechargeable batteries I had one of which was fresh from the charger. The antenna is fully seated and straight up. Typical sheet rock walls out in the wall and only 30 feet away with no interfering shielding behind it. The old 525 remote worked for years that way in the same location. The question is are the newer remotes less powerful or is there some other issue at work here? Is there some form of onboard setup that can reconfigure it better? :rolleyes:
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The remotes are very simialr, and shouldn't have a problem reaching the receiver. Try changing the remote to a different band/address (band A is odd numbers, band B is even numbers).

Take the remote to TV1 (where the receiver is)
Press system info on the front of the receiver
On TV2 remote, hold "SAT" until all mode lights are lit
On the number pad, press any number 1-16 (making sure it's different than what is currently listed for TV2)
Press #
Press record 2-3 times

The number in the white box on the screen should change to the number you entered on the number pad, and also will tell you what band the remote is operating on. If this doesn't make a difference, you may need to get a pigtail (extension for the antenna), or have the antenna backfed (so the antenna would be near your second TV)
Yea, I never though of the possible interference the smart tv could cause and sure enough it seems to have worked. I put a short piece of coaxial onto the receiver and screwed the antenna onto the end of it which moved it about 10' from the tv. It seems to have worked. Of course none of this would have happened if it hadn't arrived 4 days late and barely 15 minutes after the installation so there was no RF interference when he set up the number 2 tv. Thanks for the info as that's one I never would have figured out on my own.:)

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