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Sep 8, 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada
I was curious if anyone else has noticed an audio level and quality decrease within the last 2 weeks? I am having to turn my a/v receiver 20 db higher (db not being exact here, just the measurement my receiver uses). It is not my Dtivo because I can go back to recordings that were recorded more than 2 weeks ago and the audio is fine. There is no correlation as to what channel I am on either. Has D* begun compressing the audio as well as the video? Is that possible?


Dec 27, 2003
Compress Audio

I'm sure they are compressing the audio already. I think MPEG is both a video and an audio compression codec. Anyone know for sure?

I just left Direct TV 2 weeks ago, but never noticed this issue. I'm getting it back 12/31 after a really bad 2 weeks with Dish.
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